VaporFi Platinum Pro

Vapers do not have to be professionals to use the Pro e cig by VaporFi. In spite of its title, this is a deceptively simple, user-friendly but manual product sold in three starter kit formats.

There is the standard Pro starter set, a VaporFi Pro Colors set, and the Platinum Pro. Each of them comes with the same EVOD-style battery and two are packaged with a matching, sleeved clearomizer with a narrow window in many possible colors. The Platinum Pro contains a different tank. Here is what you can expect to find in your package, but first a discount code to save some money on your purchase.

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VaporFi Platinum Pro Package

Firstly, it will be platinum in color: like steel or silver. Secondly, Platinum refers to the model of VaporFi tank included in the kit.

VaporFi Platinum Pro TankThis tank is bigger than the Pro-L or Pro-XL clearomizer.

It offers 2.5-ml capacity, 2.2-ohm resistance, and a fully transparent Pyrex tube without a sleeve.

Enjoy the purity of e liquid housed in glass. Your set contains 2 atomizer heads, a charging kit, 2 O-rings, a battery, and a charging kit.

VaporFi Platinum Technical Details

The battery selected for this set provides half a day of vaping at least: 650 mAh and 3.7 volts.

Platinum Pro at an angleTogether, the stainless steel/Pyrex tank and battery measure 6.25″ which is a little long for those recently initiated into vaping with standard disposables they bought at the drug store.

It is also an odd shape compared with the regular Pro kit or any other e cigs you have probably encountered because the Platinum tank was not made with a Pro battery in mind.

The top is wider than its base, giving this the appearance of a lighthouse or even a torch. If it lit up, the image would be complete, but VaporFi’s Platinum Pro is not a gimmick. It is a tool.

Cost of the Platinum Pro Starter Kit

While the other Pro packages cost $49.95, this one is priced $59.95 ($52.76 after our discount). You pay extra for a larger, rebuildable tank.

Vaporfi Pro Variable Voltage batteryLater on, when you are replacing batteries or tanks, the VaporFi line was designed for compatibility.

You can switch to a 1000-mAh or VV Pro battery. Swap the Platinum for a Pro clearomizer.

A Pulse, Rocket, or Rebel tank will also fit neatly onto the Pro battery.

None of the VaporFi starter sets is packaged with e liquid by default. You have to order that separately.

This isĀ one thing that would be cool to see with their starter kits, and they have a huge selection of e-juice to choose from!

Also by VaporFi

Pro tanksThose alternative tanks listed above match with alternative batteries and starter kits.

Those are batteries one can also fit to the Platinum tank as well as their intended partners.

VaporFi makes many kits: some for new users, many for mid-level users, and a few advanced products too. They even carry an herbal vaporizer: the Orbit.

Models from their assortment include the Pulse with a wireless, circular stand/charger, the Rocket, variable Rebel I and II (the latter with adjustable airflow), and VOX 50W mod.

Extensive E Liquid by VaporFi

It’s a good thing VaporFi developed so much hardware; a year ago they were best known for their amazing selection of e liquid.

Consumers can select pre-made flavors of e liquid made in an American, FDA-certified lab from top-grade ingredients and non-allergenic vegetable glycerin. They can also opt to explore their options as creative geniuses without buying bottles, beakers, syringes, base liquids, flavorings, and nicotine.

VaporFi provides the opportunity to combine up to three flavors from their existing selection to create complicated and delightful blends. Since this has been going on for a while now, many blends are now part of the existing lineup of flavors, which means customers can build deeper flavor combinations.

The Artisan series of juices containing extra VG (compared to 70/30 PG/VG) is great for tanks like the Platinum but even better with a Volt or Bolt atomizer and a VOX VW mod.

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