Vaporfi Custom Vape Pen Builder

You have seen them do it at South Beach Smoke, and now sister company VaporFi offers the same thing. It is now possible to build your own vaporizer kit as an alternative to choosing a pre-set bundle.

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VaporFi Custom Vaporizer Builder

Anyone familiar with the South Beach Smoke format will know what to expect. Go to the appropriate heading and this will lead you to a battery model listed front and center.

Below that there will be color options followed by “select.” If this is not the battery you want, press an arrow icon next to the battery to look at other sizes or a different model.

VaporFi Custom Vaporizer Pen Builder

On the right hand side there are perforated outlines of a battery and tank yet to be chosen. These will be filled with your selections of battery model and color. You have the option to go “back” at any time before ordering an item. Below the image of your custom vape mod, prices are added and calculated so you know exactly what the cost will be.

Choose the battery and you will be prompted to select a tank or clearomizer. After that, optional extras are atomizer heads and an AC adapter. A USB charger is included in your kit already. Juice is not included.

Positives of the Custom Vaporizer Builder at VaporFi

Although VaporFi indicates compatible models beneath every product on their website, if there are any, I wonder how many people notice this part. The fact that they now feature a DIY kit-building option suggests that lots of customers choose to buy a ready-made kit instead of mixing and matching pieces. At least with the builder function, you know for sure that your pieces are compatible.

Limitations of the Custom Vaporizer Builder Option

Only two battery models are available with this system: the Rocket and Pro. Several battery sizes are indicated plus 6 possible tanks or clearomizers in several sizes.

When perusing products independently, it looks like there are far more compatible items or maybe that is just an impression formed by the fact that most items can be mixed with some other model, just not these ones necessarily.

South Beach Smoke’s kit builder enables the user to choose any of their 4 vaporizers and pick pieces from them which is a more appealing option at the same sort of price when you are looking at 650-mAh batteries, not a Rebel or Vox 50. I would go with the South Beach Smoke version until you want a more powerful device.

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