Vaporfi Pro

If the Vaporfi Pro looks familiar, you probably recognize its inspiration: the Kanger EVOD. The Pro is really a version of that less expensive and reliable product sold here in three types of starter kits, highly popular with new vapers or individuals who have only been using e cigs for a little while. Meet the Vaporfi Pro.

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Vapor Fi ProPro Batteries

In every Pro starter kit, the battery remains the same. You receive a 650-mAh battery by default with a 1000-mAh option for the Pro Colors and cells sold separately.

Each one is operated manually, as all eGo style batteries are. Size-wise, this is not a huge device: maybe the width and length of a cigar.

Three Pro Kits

You can buy the Pro in black (the regular kit), in colors (a second style of kit), or with a Platinum tank instead of the Pro-L (the Platinum Pro). Each of the first two is sold for $49.99 and the Platinum version costs $59.99.

With the first kit, you get 3 replacement atomizers for your Pro-L cartomizer (none with the Pro Colors), and 2 atomizers when you select a Platinum Pro. A charging kit (USB charger and AC adapter) is a standard feature plus the manual, although you can watch a video on Vaporfi’s website to get a lot of the information you need. Their hardware is really easy to use.

VaporFi ProChoose Your Colors

There are 10 potential colors including blue, purple, green, orange, and yellow. You would not choose the black one in this case unless you planned to mix black with another color.

Why pay the same to receive anything less?

With this kit, you can also upgrade to an XL cartomizer and a 1000-mAh battery. Platinum is one of the available colors, so your cartomizer could be this shade.

But the Platinum clearomizer is a bigger tank and more expensive, plus it does not feature a sleeve. The Pro cartomizer is covered with a sleeve and features a viewing window so you can see the remaining level of your e liquid.

Vaporfi Platinum tankThe Platinum Tank

The Platinum clearomizer has a 2.5-ml capacity and comes with atomizers rated 1.8, 2.2, or 2.4 ohm with a bottom coil. Since you can use the Platinum tank with a Pro battery, you can also turn this combination around and use the Platinum battery with a Pro-L or Pro-XL tank.

It is generally true at Vaporfi that tanks and batteries are interchangeable, at least in many cases. You can also use several brands of tanks and clearomizers in place of Vaporfi models if you prefer.

The only good reason to do that would be for the sake of price: several all-purpose vape shops offer excellent tanks and clearomizers at lower prices. But Vaporfi hands out rewards, discounts and provides great customer service.

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Vaporf Express

Vaporfi is best known for their high-tech models of electronic vaping devices than for their cigalike. The Vaporfi Express is the lowest-priced and most affordable of all the brand’s units of hardware of which the company makes 10. Buy it as a kit or purchase parts singly, but the kit generally makes better economical sense.

The Vaporfi Express Starter Kit

This is the cheapest package at Vaporfi and one of the least expensive 2-battery kits on the market. But there is a good reason the price is so low: the catch is that the kit does not contain any e liquid cartomizers, with or without liquid inside them. You can buy blank and filled cartomizers, but they are sold separately.

Vapor Fi Express

The starter bundle, costing $29.99, contains a low-capacity battery and a high-capacity cell. These batteries are capable of holding a charge for around 3 and more than 4 hours respectively, and take about the same length of time to charge.

The smaller battery is closer in size (when attached to a cartridge) to a cigarette. But you will probably want to use the longer one owing to the greater convenience of vaping for an extended period — like an extra hour or two — before you have to charge the cell once more.

The Express kit also contains an AC adapter and USB charger.

Pre-filled Cartridges at Vaporfi

express cartridgesVaporfi has pre-filled atomized cartridges made for the Express kit. They only sell 5 flavors and they cost $14.99 for five. That’s a price of $3 per ml.


It’s probably smart to use these for the first week or so, but when you get the hang of attaching a cartridge to a battery, switch over to blank atomized cartridges or clearomizers and start filling and refilling them with e liquid.

Vaporfi E Liquid

Now you get to have a lot of fun. A 30-ml bottle of Vaporfi e liquid costs just $14.99 no matter what flavor you choose and even if you order a custom flavor. That works out to 50 cents per ml plus the cost of replacing clearomizers every few weeks.


Vaporfi has a lot of American competition in this area of vaping. Halo makes the popular and affordable G6 which comes in 9 colors. The Express is white with stripes and, while realistic, is rather boring by comparison.

You can pick up a V2 Cigs starter kit in one of 10 styles (including 4 EX variations and 6 Classic starter kits). That’s definitely a lot more choice and Vaporfi doesn’t offer so many accessories as their main rival, like a USB cigarette, for example.

But it is easier to grow with Vaporfi since they make devices for the next level and the one after that: right up to a high-powered, variable wattage mod.

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