The VaporFi VOX 100 TC Mod Under Cover

VaporFi’s latest box mod is a very simple looking box shaped device with a nice brushed steel finish.

This box mod leaves me with the impression it was knocked off an assembly line in a hurry with no consideration for aesthetics and could just as easily have been repurposed in an industrial setting.

Then again, it doesn’t have to be pretty if the VaporFi VOX 100 TC Mod is efficient, effective, and optional accessories are available for décor and accessorizing. All of these qualifiers are true of the expensive VaporFi VOX 100.


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In the Kit for $200

VaporFi includes the following with your VOX 100 TC Mod if you don’t buy a starter kit:

• the VOX 100 TC MOD
• a USB Cable
• a manual (and they post videos online)

That’s if you aren’t purchasing the VOX with a VaporFi tank or RDA like the VSix, Volt, or Vbit. Add a tank and prepare to pay $229.99 to $249.99.

Features and Details of the VOX 100W TC Mod

A lot is already obvious from that name: wattage and functionality right there. You can operate in wattage mode up to 200W or down to 7W. Select a function: Variable Wattage (VW) or Temperature Control (TC).

In Temperature Control function, your device automatically takes care of watts in order to reach and maintain a certain setting without going over. Your watts are likely to go down little by little as the sensitive coil achieves your selected temperature and effectively stays there using less power.

If you are in Variable Watt mode, the device is watching that temperature for signs it is going to tip over to the dark side and put you at risk. When that seems to be imminent, the VOX turns itself down by lowering watts, but this time only to prevent you from overheating.

Resistance Capacity

Using acceptable coils, the VaporFi VOX 100 TC is able to reach an amazing low point of 0.05 ohms. Vapers have to be in the TC setting to do this using Nickel 200 or Titanium coils (supplied by VaporFi for their products). Vape experts stress that you should not use TC atomizer builds for VW vaping but you simply will not be able to use Kanthal with TC function.

With Kanthal wire in Variable Watt function, you can still go as low as 0.15 ohms which creates impressive clouds of vapor. VaporFi recommends 0.15 ohms or higher between 7W and 100W or 0.1 to 0.14 ohms at 7W or up to 60W.

Built-in Power

You either love this feature or you hate it: the built-in battery. An internal, non-removable 4500-mAh cell is recharged using the USB port you find in the device connected to a power source. Turn on the device using a large square button and watch values on the bright screen as you set them. Vents let out pressure so your battery doesn’t become dangerously warm.


A 510-threaded well contains silver contacts which have been brass-plated making them highly connective but also extremely durable. These contacts are also flexible in order to accommodate one of many tanks, whether a VaporFi example or one from the outside.

It’s so small you won’t want to add a huge tank or RDA and spoil the effect. There is one item you might wish to apply to your VaporFi Vox, however, and this is an entirely visual addition.

Compatible VaporFi tanks include the Edge, Bolt, Volt, Vice, and Vbit. One could also look beyond VaporFi for a 100W TC tank like the Aspire Triton, TFV4 by SMOK, a Kanger TopBox Mini, or the Horizon Arctic. You might not match colors easily, however, if you start looking at charismatic tanks like the TopBox.

Silicone Cover

There are three benefits to VaporFi’s $9.99 silicone covers for the VaporFi Vox 100 TC. One is that you are less likely to drop the mod when it’s covered thus because silicone provides better grip than the plain metal exterior of your device.

Secondly, metal doesn’t feel nearly as good in your hands as silicone which is soft and rubbery (but it’s not rubber).

Thirdly: the mod is simple stainless steel; uninspiring and industrial. Change all that by adding color inexpensively. VaporFi offers five choices: red, green, blue, white, and black.

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VaporFi Platinum Pro II

VaporFi has upgraded their Pro series tanks and batteries with a few tweaks; not huge adjustments. Those consumers who are accustomed to this system won’t suddenly be thrown for a loop, having to rediscover how they operate one of the most popular starter sets VaporFi carries.

Any new discoveries clients make about the Platinum Pro will be positive, sensible, and user-friendly, as is always the case with VaporFi’s hardware.

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VaporFi Platinum Pro II

The Platinum Pro kit was introduced as VaporFi’s compromise between an easy-to-use eGo system and a high-performance product. All they did was match a moderately powerful battery to an advanced tank.

Platinum Pro II

A Platinum tank is large, made of Pyrex and stainless steel, and gives your system an advanced appearance. Now with the Platinum Pro II, your e juice tastes even better while your e cig is still shiny and clean with its platinum-colored Pro battery attached.

Platinum II Advanced Tank

This is a new dual coil system holding 2.5 ml. Shoppers will no longer find the original Platinum tank in-store: a DC version takes its place.

Replacements for the tank come with a collar and cost $24.99. A dual coil tank is more efficient at heating e juice and considered more flavorful than the old-fashioned coil system.

This is great for higher-viscosity liquids too. While a Pro isn’t going to give you extremely thick vapor the way a Vox II 50W would, the Platinum II Tank enhances the quality of your e juice.

Pro Battery: All Metal Jacket

VaporFi makes two sizes for the Pro: 650 mAh and 1000 mAh Variable. There are numerous colors including pink, green, and blue, but the Platinum Pro II Starter Kit contains a platinum version, 650 mAh.

Replace this 3.7V battery for $24.99 or upgrade to the 1000 mAh Variable for $29.99. While you would have the option to choose from vivid shades with the Pro Colors Kit, all-metal makes for a masculine and modern electronic device.

In the Kit

Your package contains a battery and a tank plus two extra O-rings for your glass tank, two 1.5-ohm atomizers, and chargers (USB and AC). Once it is assembled, a Pro Platinum II e cig measures 6.25 inches: a long, imposing figure, especially all in platinum.

Concern for Compatibility

VaporFi is a practical company and they don’t make many of their products to fit with proprietary tanks and batteries. They want their customers to mix and match accessories to create the look and performance that are most pleasing to the individual experience.

While the Platinum Pro II is a great set as chosen by their experienced team, you might want to play around with combinations and either make your own set or choose alternative replacements. Switching colors, battery models, and styles of tanks is like a grown-up’s version of playing with paper dolls, only lots more satisfying.

The Pro battery is compatible with several tanks including the new Pro-L II with a window and silver mouthpiece to replace the old black one. It’s got a dual coil: the latest trend for tanks. Pay $14.99 for the Pro-L II or switch to a Titanium or maybe a Rocket tank.

A Platinum II tank can also be switched from use with the Pro battery to a Pro Variable, Pulse e cig battery, Rocket base, or the Rebel II. VaporFi gives their customers ideas and you can always phone customer service for selection advice.

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Vaporfi Pro II

The Pro by Vaporfi was their best-selling e cig for a long time. Vapers found it easy to use and considered a bundle good value for money. It provided them with a long-lasting battery and clean clearomizer producing great flavor.

The Pro operated for longer per charge than the standard Express mini cig battery and tiny cartomizer in spite of its compact size. The Vaporfi Pro II provides all of the same elements but they have been upgraded slightly.

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Vaporfi Pro II: Re-boot

In a way, it is as though Vaporfi is just re-booting their original concept. They have not changed much about fans’ beloved eGo cig, and why should they?

You don’t mess with a good formula. The only obvious element they swapped was a stainless steel tip for the original black one. If you have forgotten about the Pro because other items at Vaporfi stole its thunder, the Pro II reintroduces American vapers to a compact concept.

PRO II tankSlight Changes

Okay, so a new mouthpiece is not all they changed. Vaporfi switched out a 2.2-ohm atomizer for a 1.5-ohm coil.

That is enough of a drop in resistance to potentially produce more clouds. Voltage remains the same at 3.7V but the Pro II is longer than a Pro I by ¼ of an inch.

Otherwise, threading is the same (510/eGo) and your kit comes with a black battery, black clearomizer with a window, and 3 extra atomizers. The black Pro II equates to a fashionable woman’s basic black dress: every collection should have one.

Colored Choices

Like the original Pro, a Pro II is available in 9 colors aside from black. You just have to order those more vivid shades separately. Select pink, white, or green. Connect contrasting colored hardware. With separate parts available, customers get to customize the look of their product or even mix devices.

Customization Options

Parts for the original Pro are featured in the Custom Vaporizer Builder. Use this to build a set which contains one Pro L clearomizer or a Pro battery with a part from the Rocket. Add extra atomizers and a wall charger and you have built a solid kit.

Starter Kits

Vaporfi has already created starter kits if you prefer the symmetry of a Pro II ensemble. For $49.99, you receive one 650-mAh bottom, a 1.5-ml top, a USB charger, and a wall adapter to go with it. The Pro kit in black was once sold for the same price but the bundle is on sale for $44.99 and accessories are cheaper. Now is the time to get yourself an excellent deal as long as you don’t mind a black e cig.

Vaporfi e liquidsAdd E Liquid

Most companies don’t package e cig kits with bottles of e liquid, so it comes as no surprise that e juice costs extra when you order the Pro II. Vaporfi’s regular line is highly recommended as opposed to their Reserve series. The latter is best suited to a high-watt, sub-ohm system for advanced consumers.

The Pro II, in comparison, is a user-friendly starter setup for new vapers. Choose a bottle for $15.99 containing 30 ml of delicious flavors created in-house or by you, the customer. Be bold, brave, and creative for the sake of your taste buds.

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VaporFi Platinum Pro

Vapers do not have to be professionals to use the Pro e cig by VaporFi. In spite of its title, this is a deceptively simple, user-friendly but manual product sold in three starter kit formats.

There is the standard Pro starter set, a VaporFi Pro Colors set, and the Platinum Pro. Each of them comes with the same EVOD-style battery and two are packaged with a matching, sleeved clearomizer with a narrow window in many possible colors. The Platinum Pro contains a different tank. Here is what you can expect to find in your package, but first a discount code to save some money on your purchase.

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VaporFi Platinum Pro Package

Firstly, it will be platinum in color: like steel or silver. Secondly, Platinum refers to the model of VaporFi tank included in the kit.

VaporFi Platinum Pro TankThis tank is bigger than the Pro-L or Pro-XL clearomizer.

It offers 2.5-ml capacity, 2.2-ohm resistance, and a fully transparent Pyrex tube without a sleeve.

Enjoy the purity of e liquid housed in glass. Your set contains 2 atomizer heads, a charging kit, 2 O-rings, a battery, and a charging kit.

VaporFi Platinum Technical Details

The battery selected for this set provides half a day of vaping at least: 650 mAh and 3.7 volts.

Platinum Pro at an angleTogether, the stainless steel/Pyrex tank and battery measure 6.25″ which is a little long for those recently initiated into vaping with standard disposables they bought at the drug store.

It is also an odd shape compared with the regular Pro kit or any other e cigs you have probably encountered because the Platinum tank was not made with a Pro battery in mind.

The top is wider than its base, giving this the appearance of a lighthouse or even a torch. If it lit up, the image would be complete, but VaporFi’s Platinum Pro is not a gimmick. It is a tool.

Cost of the Platinum Pro Starter Kit

While the other Pro packages cost $49.95, this one is priced $59.95 ($52.76 after our discount). You pay extra for a larger, rebuildable tank.

Vaporfi Pro Variable Voltage batteryLater on, when you are replacing batteries or tanks, the VaporFi line was designed for compatibility.

You can switch to a 1000-mAh or VV Pro battery. Swap the Platinum for a Pro clearomizer.

A Pulse, Rocket, or Rebel tank will also fit neatly onto the Pro battery.

None of the VaporFi starter sets is packaged with e liquid by default. You have to order that separately.

This is one thing that would be cool to see with their starter kits, and they have a huge selection of e-juice to choose from!

Also by VaporFi

Pro tanksThose alternative tanks listed above match with alternative batteries and starter kits.

Those are batteries one can also fit to the Platinum tank as well as their intended partners.

VaporFi makes many kits: some for new users, many for mid-level users, and a few advanced products too. They even carry an herbal vaporizer: the Orbit.

Models from their assortment include the Pulse with a wireless, circular stand/charger, the Rocket, variable Rebel I and II (the latter with adjustable airflow), and VOX 50W mod.

Extensive E Liquid by VaporFi

It’s a good thing VaporFi developed so much hardware; a year ago they were best known for their amazing selection of e liquid.

Consumers can select pre-made flavors of e liquid made in an American, FDA-certified lab from top-grade ingredients and non-allergenic vegetable glycerin. They can also opt to explore their options as creative geniuses without buying bottles, beakers, syringes, base liquids, flavorings, and nicotine.

VaporFi provides the opportunity to combine up to three flavors from their existing selection to create complicated and delightful blends. Since this has been going on for a while now, many blends are now part of the existing lineup of flavors, which means customers can build deeper flavor combinations.

The Artisan series of juices containing extra VG (compared to 70/30 PG/VG) is great for tanks like the Platinum but even better with a Volt or Bolt atomizer and a VOX VW mod.

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Vaporfi Pulse

The VaporFi Pulse is one of the company’s great novelties; a product which seems like more than it is. If you took the price away and just enjoyed its special feature, this would be a fun device many vapers would want to own, especially because of its circular charging stand which operates wirelessly and can be used as a portable battery charger.

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Novelty vs. Value

You could question the logic of spending $119 on this kit, however, since the charging stand, while great looking with features like LED lights, isn’t a practical device for on the road. Silicon battery stands cost just a few dollars and would suffice for holding your battery upright when not in use. (Of course with our discount on this page, the price will be just over $100).



What you are getting is really a futuristic setup like nothing out there, which is of course pure aesthetic value. If you are looking for the most thrifty device by Vaporfi, you will want to check out their Pro vape pen).

Pulse LED screenThere is a screen on the battery; consumers like screens. It shows you the puff count and battery life. The Pulse kit comes with two 650-mAh batteries.

That cell value is the same as a regular Pro battery which is also sold in 1000 mAh and VV formats. The only differences between them are the screen and that the charging stand is for use solely with the Pulse battery. A single battery costs $29.99. The charger is priced $19.99.

VaporFi Pulse Clearomizer

A Pulse clearomizer holds 2.5 ml of liquid. It can be purchased separately for $14.99 or replaced with another vessel by VaporFi.


Even the DHW herb tank will work with your Pulse battery, but other e liquid options exist too. This includes a Pro-L, Pro XL, Clear, Platinum, or Premium clearomizer.

VaporFi PRO-L ClearomizerVaporFi Pulse Pro Combination

Since their batteries are similar and threading is compatible, one could select the 1.5-ml Pro-L clear for use with the Pulse battery.

It features a slim viewing window, pinched black mouthpiece, and can operate at 1.8, 2.2, or 2.5 ohms.

Replacements cost the same as Pulse clearomizers but are smaller by 1 ml; however, there are more colors.

Pair your black Pulse cell with a colorful tank. Tanks come in pink, orange, green, white, and more colors besides.

As always, one great aspect of VaporFi’s catalogue is that almost any item you buy can be combined with another tank or a different battery. Then there’s e liquid, and VaporFi offers a lot of options there.

E liquid, Rewards, and More

It is worth exploring what they have to offer at VaporFi. Even if you decide later that your purchase wasn’t right for you, the money you spent was not wasted.

You earned points which can be spent on replacement parts like atomizer heads, batteries, and e liquid. The longer you stay with VaporFi, the more flavors are added to their two e juice lines: the standard 70/30 PG/VG blend for clearomizers and their Artisan dripping liquid for the Bolt and Volt atomizers which are excellent additions to a Vox 50 variable watt box mod.

Every product you buy is demonstrated on a video right on the VaporFi site. Customers can also drop by one of their many physical stores.

Numbers of these franchises are growing and spreading out from Florida. If you visit a shop their experts are available to guide you through all the VaporFi hardware, including Pulse and Pro pieces sold separately or together.

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Vaporfi Starter Kits

VaporFi has a starter kit for every vaper at every stage. They have developed their catalogue continuously for the few years since they stormed onto the e cig stage, and now it’s hard to imagine where else you would find such selection of high-quality products in one place.

Take a good look at VaporFi starter kits and you’ll see that, whether you are a beginner or have some experience under your belt, you can’t go wrong.

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VaporFi for Beginners

For those vapers just beginning to use e cigs, three products by VaporFi stand out: the Express, Pro, and Air. Each one is small and simple to use. They would be discrete accessories as long as you didn’t choose the Pro in purple or add a flashy wrap, but nothing will change how easy all three are to operate.

Vapor Fi ExpressThe Express Starter Kit is a mini cig made to look like an authentic cigarette.

It lights up at the tip and is white with skinny pin-stripes, so from a distance it could be mistaken for an analog.


The Express Kit for $29.99 comes with two batteries (one high-capacity, one standard) and a charging kit.

Just remember to add blank cartomizers plus e liquid or pre-filled cartomizers/clearomizers to your order.

Vapor Fi ProPro batteries are manually operated, like eGos, and come in two sizes: 650 mAh and 1000 mAh.

There are three kits for this model: regular, in colors, or the Platinum.

Choose a simple black Pro for $49.99 with a single 650-mAh, 3.7-volt battery, one Pro-L cartomizer, a charging kit, and three extra atomizers.

Pay the same for one of 9 additional colors such as purple, blue, green, or yellow, but you don’t get the additional atomizers.

A Platinum Pro comes with the 2.5-ml Platinum tank and costs $59.99 with 2 additional atomizers.

Air e cigs at VaporFi are slim, not cylindrical, and offered in either black or white. The kit costing $39.99 provides a 350-mAh battery and 0.9-ml tank with mouthpiece and standard charging kit.

Moving out of the Minor League

Vapor fi PulseExperience has taught you that there is more power out there in the vaping world and you want a piece of it.

Why not try the Pulse?

It’s a slicker model than the ones you’ve seen so far but not so slick as to leave you skidding in its wake.

The Pulse comes with two 750-mAh batteries, a charging kit, two 2.5-ml tanks, and one of VaporFi’s most special accessories: a circular wireless charger.

Your cost for the kit is $119.99.

Vaporfi rocketThe Rocket doesn’t supply this stylish charging device, but for the same price you have the chance to vary voltage for the first time.

Enjoy your taste of power.

A Rocket battery is rated 1600 mAh: that’s serious energy.

You can also adjust airflow on the Rocket by turning a knob on the tank to open or close air holes.

Big League Players

The time has come to sample true power in the form of a Rebel I, II, or VOX 50.

Vaporfi rebelThe Rebel I mod is telescopic to allow use of a 600-mAh or 2200-mAh battery.

Your chosen voltage shows up on a small screen.

With the Rebel II you can enjoy even more power: 750 mAh or 2800 mAh.

Graduate from a 3-ml Rebel I tank to the 4-ml tank of a Rebel II. Pay $179.99 for either starter kit.

A VOX 50 mod starter kit comes with the Bolt RDA.

This is a dripping atomizer made specifically for the VOX, but it can be used with other compatible mods as well, including other VW APVs.

For $249.99, you receive the mod and atomizer, 4 replacement O-rings, a 2100-mAh battery, screwdriver, 3 screws, and Kanthal wire.

VOX Starter Kit

The VOX 50 provides up to 50 watts of power, automatic voltage setting, reads atomizer resistance, and is capable of sub-ohm operation.

It’s built with a smart chip that also protects the mod from a shorted circuit and other problems which assail high-end products with replaceable batteries and the capacity to operate at high temperatures.

E Liquid

Remember to buy e juice for your mods. VaporFi juice is made in strictly-regulated conditions with high-quality ingredients, but at a price you won’t believe: just $14.99 for 30 ml. Select from one of around 60 flavors or custom design your own tasty treat.

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Vaporfi e liquids

If it was not for companies like Florida’s Vaporfi, you might not know what standards are in the e liquid business. A host of firms blending artisan juices today are using the most basic safety methods in unsatisfactory back rooms to create e juice which they label as high-quality, or even gourmet.

Worse still, these companies feel justified charging 80 cents per ml for their products and they don’t need to charge this much. The businesses that advertise their standards of production are those that have much to be proud of — businesses like Vaporfi.

Vaporfi e liquidsHigh Standards for E Liquid

The FDA is vetting e juice companies (or vapor brands that make e juice as well as hardware) to determine if their ingredients meet quality standards. They are looking for more than food-safe mixing scenarios but approved labs with filters, stainless steel surfaces, and more.

Vaporfi e liquid meets all of the standards the FDA has so far put into place and goes further with Kosher and better-than-food-grade ingredients. Their vegetable glycerin is even safe for individuals with peanut allergies.

Vaporfi E Liquids: Specifications

Buy a single bottle — 30 ml — for $14.99. You can also purchase a sample pack of three 10-ml bottles for $24.99. Each bottle contains as much as 2.4% nicotine but consumers are welcome to go nicotine-free should they desire to break this habit.

At $14.99 for 30 ml, the price for each milliliter is a very low $0.50: one sixth of the cost of their juice in the pre-filled format. If you are going to vape with Vaporfi, it pays to buy blank cartomizers and learn re-fill techniques in a hurry.

Lots to Choose from

If you were to buy pre-filled cartridges from Vaporfi for your Express e cig, you only get five choices. Although there are dozens of bottled blends already listed, emulating non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails, treats, tobacco, and menthol flavors, customers do not have to choose a pre-selected blend. As their famous commercial has indicated to the American public, thousands of mixtures are possible when clients choose one, two, or three flavors, flavor intensity, and opt for unique combinations. It might seem that every possible blend has been invented, but don’t be too sure. By purchasing multiple mixtures, you can even continue innovating at home.

Where to Buy Vaporfi E Liquid

Vaporfi is sold from their online site to customers across the country. This popular business has locations around the Miami area also and is branching out from there into other states. If it’s juice you are after, call ahead to find out if a location possesses a vapor lounge where you can try flavors before buying them.

Determine if a shop offers every service and product or is limited (like an Express location) in case bottle e juice is only carried in just a few flavors. Otherwise, you might make a wasted journey.

Some of their existing flavors are Fruity Fun Cereal, Clove, Marshmallow, Graham Cracker, and Summer Tea. With their Blend of the Month Club, Vaporfi is introducing new flavors to club members monthly. Their list grows regularly, so stay posted for new blends.

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