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If it was not for companies like Florida’s Vaporfi, you might not know what standards are in the e liquid business. A host of firms blending artisan juices today are using the most basic safety methods in unsatisfactory back rooms to create e juice which they label as high-quality, or even gourmet.

Worse still, these companies feel justified charging 80 cents per ml for their products and they don’t need to charge this much. The businesses that advertise their standards of production are those that have much to be proud of — businesses like Vaporfi.

Vaporfi e liquidsHigh Standards for E Liquid

The FDA is vetting e juice companies (or vapor brands that make e juice as well as hardware) to determine if their ingredients meet quality standards. They are looking for more than food-safe mixing scenarios but approved labs with filters, stainless steel surfaces, and more.

Vaporfi e liquid meets all of the standards the FDA has so far put into place and goes further with Kosher and better-than-food-grade ingredients. Their vegetable glycerin is even safe for individuals with peanut allergies.

Vaporfi E Liquids: Specifications

Buy a single bottle — 30 ml — for $14.99. You can also purchase a sample pack of three 10-ml bottles for $24.99. Each bottle contains as much as 2.4% nicotine but consumers are welcome to go nicotine-free should they desire to break this habit.

At $14.99 for 30 ml, the price for each milliliter is a very low $0.50: one sixth of the cost of their juice in the pre-filled format. If you are going to vape with Vaporfi, it pays to buy blank cartomizers and learn re-fill techniques in a hurry.

Lots to Choose from

If you were to buy pre-filled cartridges from Vaporfi for your Express e cig, you only get five choices. Although there are dozens of bottled blends already listed, emulating non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails, treats, tobacco, and menthol flavors, customers do not have to choose a pre-selected blend. As their famous commercial has indicated to the American public, thousands of mixtures are possible when clients choose one, two, or three flavors, flavor intensity, and opt for unique combinations. It might seem that every possible blend has been invented, but don’t be too sure. By purchasing multiple mixtures, you can even continue innovating at home.

Where to Buy Vaporfi E Liquid

Vaporfi is sold from their online site to customers across the country. This popular business has locations around the Miami area also and is branching out from there into other states. If it’s juice you are after, call ahead to find out if a location possesses a vapor lounge where you can try flavors before buying them.

Determine if a shop offers every service and product or is limited (like an Express location) in case bottle e juice is only carried in just a few flavors. Otherwise, you might make a wasted journey.

Some of their existing flavors are Fruity Fun Cereal, Clove, Marshmallow, Graham Cracker, and Summer Tea. With their Blend of the Month Club, Vaporfi is introducing new flavors to club members monthly. Their list grows regularly, so stay posted for new blends.

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