VaporFi Platinum Pro II

VaporFi has upgraded their Pro series tanks and batteries with a few tweaks; not huge adjustments. Those consumers who are accustomed to this system won’t suddenly be thrown for a loop, having to rediscover how they operate one of the most popular starter sets VaporFi carries.

Any new discoveries clients make about the Platinum Pro will be positive, sensible, and user-friendly, as is always the case with VaporFi’s hardware.

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VaporFi Platinum Pro II

The Platinum Pro kit was introduced as VaporFi’s compromise between an easy-to-use eGo system and a high-performance product. All they did was match a moderately powerful battery to an advanced tank.

Platinum Pro II

A Platinum tank is large, made of Pyrex and stainless steel, and gives your system an advanced appearance. Now with the Platinum Pro II, your e juice tastes even better while your e cig is still shiny and clean with its platinum-colored Pro battery attached.

Platinum II Advanced Tank

This is a new dual coil system holding 2.5 ml. Shoppers will no longer find the original Platinum tank in-store: a DC version takes its place.

Replacements for the tank come with a collar and cost $24.99. A dual coil tank is more efficient at heating e juice and considered more flavorful than the old-fashioned coil system.

This is great for higher-viscosity liquids too. While a Pro isn’t going to give you extremely thick vapor the way a Vox II 50W would, the Platinum II Tank enhances the quality of your e juice.

Pro Battery: All Metal Jacket

VaporFi makes two sizes for the Pro: 650 mAh and 1000 mAh Variable. There are numerous colors including pink, green, and blue, but the Platinum Pro II Starter Kit contains a platinum version, 650 mAh.

Replace this 3.7V battery for $24.99 or upgrade to the 1000 mAh Variable for $29.99. While you would have the option to choose from vivid shades with the Pro Colors Kit, all-metal makes for a masculine and modern electronic device.

In the Kit

Your package contains a battery and a tank plus two extra O-rings for your glass tank, two 1.5-ohm atomizers, and chargers (USB and AC). Once it is assembled, a Pro Platinum II e cig measures 6.25 inches: a long, imposing figure, especially all in platinum.

Concern for Compatibility

VaporFi is a practical company and they don’t make many of their products to fit with proprietary tanks and batteries. They want their customers to mix and match accessories to create the look and performance that are most pleasing to the individual experience.

While the Platinum Pro II is a great set as chosen by their experienced team, you might want to play around with combinations and either make your own set or choose alternative replacements. Switching colors, battery models, and styles of tanks is like a grown-up’s version of playing with paper dolls, only lots more satisfying.

The Pro battery is compatible with several tanks including the new Pro-L II with a window and silver mouthpiece to replace the old black one. It’s got a dual coil: the latest trend for tanks. Pay $14.99 for the Pro-L II or switch to a Titanium or maybe a Rocket tank.

A Platinum II tank can also be switched from use with the Pro battery to a Pro Variable, Pulse e cig battery, Rocket base, or the Rebel II. VaporFi gives their customers ideas and you can always phone customer service for selection advice.

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