Vaporfi Pro II

The Pro by Vaporfi was their best-selling e cig for a long time. Vapers found it easy to use and considered a bundle good value for money. It provided them with a long-lasting battery and clean clearomizer producing great flavor.

The Pro operated for longer per charge than the standard Express mini cig battery and tiny cartomizer in spite of its compact size. The Vaporfi Pro II provides all of the same elements but they have been upgraded slightly.

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Vaporfi Pro II: Re-boot

In a way, it is as though Vaporfi is just re-booting their original concept. They have not changed much about fans’ beloved eGo cig, and why should they?

You don’t mess with a good formula. The only obvious element they swapped was a stainless steel tip for the original black one. If you have forgotten about the Pro because other items at Vaporfi stole its thunder, the Pro II reintroduces American vapers to a compact concept.

PRO II tankSlight Changes

Okay, so a new mouthpiece is not all they changed. Vaporfi switched out a 2.2-ohm atomizer for a 1.5-ohm coil.

That is enough of a drop in resistance to potentially produce more clouds. Voltage remains the same at 3.7V but the Pro II is longer than a Pro I by ΒΌ of an inch.

Otherwise, threading is the same (510/eGo) and your kit comes with a black battery, black clearomizer with a window, and 3 extra atomizers. The black Pro II equates to a fashionable woman’s basic black dress: every collection should have one.

Colored Choices

Like the original Pro, a Pro II is available in 9 colors aside from black. You just have to order those more vivid shades separately. Select pink, white, or green. Connect contrasting colored hardware. With separate parts available, customers get to customize the look of their product or even mix devices.

Customization Options

Parts for the original Pro are featured in the Custom Vaporizer Builder. Use this to build a set which contains one Pro L clearomizer or a Pro battery with a part from the Rocket. Add extra atomizers and a wall charger and you have built a solid kit.

Starter Kits

Vaporfi has already created starter kits if you prefer the symmetry of a Pro II ensemble. For $49.99, you receive one 650-mAh bottom, a 1.5-ml top, a USB charger, and a wall adapter to go with it. The Pro kit in black was once sold for the same price but the bundle is on sale for $44.99 and accessories are cheaper. Now is the time to get yourself an excellent deal as long as you don’t mind a black e cig.

Vaporfi e liquidsAdd E Liquid

Most companies don’t package e cig kits with bottles of e liquid, so it comes as no surprise that e juice costs extra when you order the Pro II. Vaporfi’s regular line is highly recommended as opposed to their Reserve series. The latter is best suited to a high-watt, sub-ohm system for advanced consumers.

The Pro II, in comparison, is a user-friendly starter setup for new vapers. Choose a bottle for $15.99 containing 30 ml of delicious flavors created in-house or by you, the customer. Be bold, brave, and creative for the sake of your taste buds.

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