Vaporfi Pulse

The VaporFi Pulse is one of the company’s great novelties; a product which seems like more than it is. If you took the price away and just enjoyed its special feature, this would be a fun device many vapers would want to own, especially because of its circular charging stand which operates wirelessly and can be used as a portable battery charger.

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Novelty vs. Value

You could question the logic of spending $119 on this kit, however, since the charging stand, while great looking with features like LED lights, isn’t a practical device for on the road. Silicon battery stands cost just a few dollars and would suffice for holding your battery upright when not in use. (Of course with our discount on this page, the price will be just over $100).



What you are getting is really a futuristic setup like nothing out there, which is of course pure aesthetic value. If you are looking for the most thrifty device by Vaporfi, you will want to check out their Pro vape pen).

Pulse LED screenThere is a screen on the battery; consumers like screens. It shows you the puff count and battery life. The Pulse kit comes with two 650-mAh batteries.

That cell value is the same as a regular Pro battery which is also sold in 1000 mAh and VV formats. The only differences between them are the screen and that the charging stand is for use solely with the Pulse battery. A single battery costs $29.99. The charger is priced $19.99.

VaporFi Pulse Clearomizer

A Pulse clearomizer holds 2.5 ml of liquid. It can be purchased separately for $14.99 or replaced with another vessel by VaporFi.


Even the DHW herb tank will work with your Pulse battery, but other e liquid options exist too. This includes a Pro-L, Pro XL, Clear, Platinum, or Premium clearomizer.

VaporFi PRO-L ClearomizerVaporFi Pulse Pro Combination

Since their batteries are similar and threading is compatible, one could select the 1.5-ml Pro-L clear for use with the Pulse battery.

It features a slim viewing window, pinched black mouthpiece, and can operate at 1.8, 2.2, or 2.5 ohms.

Replacements cost the same as Pulse clearomizers but are smaller by 1 ml; however, there are more colors.

Pair your black Pulse cell with a colorful tank. Tanks come in pink, orange, green, white, and more colors besides.

As always, one great aspect of VaporFi’s catalogue is that almost any item you buy can be combined with another tank or a different battery. Then there’s e liquid, and VaporFi offers a lot of options there.

E liquid, Rewards, and More

It is worth exploring what they have to offer at VaporFi. Even if you decide later that your purchase wasn’t right for you, the money you spent was not wasted.

You earned points which can be spent on replacement parts like atomizer heads, batteries, and e liquid. The longer you stay with VaporFi, the more flavors are added to their two e juice lines: the standard 70/30 PG/VG blend for clearomizers and their Artisan dripping liquid for the Bolt and Volt atomizers which are excellent additions to a Vox 50 variable watt box mod.

Every product you buy is demonstrated on a video right on the VaporFi site. Customers can also drop by one of their many physical stores.

Numbers of these franchises are growing and spreading out from Florida. If you visit a shop their experts are available to guide you through all the VaporFi hardware, including Pulse and Pro pieces sold separately or together.

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