Vaporfi Rocket

The Pro and Pro II by Vaporfi are excellent e cigs offering a step up from basic cigalikes such as the Vaporfi Express. Ego-type electronic cigs give consumers longer lasting power and greater flavor.

But vapers love adventure and experience has shown them that more advanced gear is out there. As fans of Vaporfi, owners of the Pro and/or Pulse vaporizer want to stick with the brand they know and love as they become curious about products with extra features.

That is why they do not upgrade to a different manufacturer but move on to Vaporfi’s Rocket advanced personal vaporizer.

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Vaporfi Rocket

Like the Pro and Pulse, Vaporfi’s Rocket e cig is still small, stealthy, and simple. Its profile is slender and buttons sit flush with their exterior. There’s nothing flashy about this product but the clearomizer portion is a little different. Instead of one viewing window, there are four, so you can see your e liquid without squinting through the silver or black exterior.

Don’t expect Vaporfi to release these in shades of blue and green: you wouldn’t expect such a thing from NASA and Vaporfi is no different. The Rocket is modern and streamlined; minimal but not lacking. Here’s what you get.

Vaporfi VV Technology

I called this an advanced personal vaporizer for three reasons. One is the knob in the battery base which allows you to change voltage. Your range is small, but isn’t it nice simply to gain control? A second advanced feature is the Rocket’s large rating: 1600 mAh. That’s almost three times what the Pro can give you. Vape for a full day once you have charged the battery to its full capacity.

Vaporfi Variable Airflow

Rocket tank adjustment

The third advanced element of this Vaporfi e cig is its adjustable airflow valve. It is built into the Rocket clearomizer with 5 airflow holes of varying sizes.

Tank capacity is 2.5 ml so fill up with a flavor you love (consider Vaporfi’s fine blends, 30 ml for $15.99) and choose airflow that lets you puff more easily or with a tighter resistance. Your juice will also taste different and vapor temperature might seem different depending on your setting too.

Purchase the Kit for Less

As always, Vaporfi packages their Rocket 1600-mAh battery and airflow-adjustable tank in a bundle. This set priced $119.99 contains a wall adapter for the requisite USB charger and five dual coil atomizer replacements.

Since the battery costs $49.99 and a tank sells for $39.99 without extra atomizer heads or chargers, you are getting a great deal when purchasing a bundle.

Compatible Tanks

The Rocket tank is great, but there are other fabulous options at Vaporfi. Several can be used interchangeably with the Rocket clearomizer if you break it or because you keep one tank specifically for fruity e juice, another for tobacco, and a third for cinnamon.

You might need a collar so that their pairing appears natural, but with that separate item a Platinum or Titanium tank makes an excellent accompaniment. Because you are still shopping with Vaporfi, reward points apply. Spend them on your hardware or to pay for replacement atomizers and e juice.

Since a Rocket’s battery threading connects with other tanks in the Vaporfi line and outside of it, the Rocket tank can also be used with other Vaporfi batteries.

Attach it to the Pro battery, for instance (currently on sale), or another brand of battery with the same threading. Vaporfi does not mind sharing their customers with the competition; they know you will always come back.

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