The VaporFi VOX 100 TC Mod Under Cover

VaporFi’s latest box mod is a very simple looking box shaped device with a nice brushed steel finish.

This box mod leaves me with the impression it was knocked off an assembly line in a hurry with no consideration for aesthetics and could just as easily have been repurposed in an industrial setting.

Then again, it doesn’t have to be pretty if the VaporFi VOX 100 TC Mod is efficient, effective, and optional accessories are available for décor and accessorizing. All of these qualifiers are true of the expensive VaporFi VOX 100.


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In the Kit for $200

VaporFi includes the following with your VOX 100 TC Mod if you don’t buy a starter kit:

• the VOX 100 TC MOD
• a USB Cable
• a manual (and they post videos online)

That’s if you aren’t purchasing the VOX with a VaporFi tank or RDA like the VSix, Volt, or Vbit. Add a tank and prepare to pay $229.99 to $249.99.

Features and Details of the VOX 100W TC Mod

A lot is already obvious from that name: wattage and functionality right there. You can operate in wattage mode up to 200W or down to 7W. Select a function: Variable Wattage (VW) or Temperature Control (TC).

In Temperature Control function, your device automatically takes care of watts in order to reach and maintain a certain setting without going over. Your watts are likely to go down little by little as the sensitive coil achieves your selected temperature and effectively stays there using less power.

If you are in Variable Watt mode, the device is watching that temperature for signs it is going to tip over to the dark side and put you at risk. When that seems to be imminent, the VOX turns itself down by lowering watts, but this time only to prevent you from overheating.

Resistance Capacity

Using acceptable coils, the VaporFi VOX 100 TC is able to reach an amazing low point of 0.05 ohms. Vapers have to be in the TC setting to do this using Nickel 200 or Titanium coils (supplied by VaporFi for their products). Vape experts stress that you should not use TC atomizer builds for VW vaping but you simply will not be able to use Kanthal with TC function.

With Kanthal wire in Variable Watt function, you can still go as low as 0.15 ohms which creates impressive clouds of vapor. VaporFi recommends 0.15 ohms or higher between 7W and 100W or 0.1 to 0.14 ohms at 7W or up to 60W.

Built-in Power

You either love this feature or you hate it: the built-in battery. An internal, non-removable 4500-mAh cell is recharged using the USB port you find in the device connected to a power source. Turn on the device using a large square button and watch values on the bright screen as you set them. Vents let out pressure so your battery doesn’t become dangerously warm.


A 510-threaded well contains silver contacts which have been brass-plated making them highly connective but also extremely durable. These contacts are also flexible in order to accommodate one of many tanks, whether a VaporFi example or one from the outside.

It’s so small you won’t want to add a huge tank or RDA and spoil the effect. There is one item you might wish to apply to your VaporFi Vox, however, and this is an entirely visual addition.

Compatible VaporFi tanks include the Edge, Bolt, Volt, Vice, and Vbit. One could also look beyond VaporFi for a 100W TC tank like the Aspire Triton, TFV4 by SMOK, a Kanger TopBox Mini, or the Horizon Arctic. You might not match colors easily, however, if you start looking at charismatic tanks like the TopBox.

Silicone Cover

There are three benefits to VaporFi’s $9.99 silicone covers for the VaporFi Vox 100 TC. One is that you are less likely to drop the mod when it’s covered thus because silicone provides better grip than the plain metal exterior of your device.

Secondly, metal doesn’t feel nearly as good in your hands as silicone which is soft and rubbery (but it’s not rubber).

Thirdly: the mod is simple stainless steel; uninspiring and industrial. Change all that by adding color inexpensively. VaporFi offers five choices: red, green, blue, white, and black.

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